Step 1: Self-Work

Everything in the work of anti-oppression begins with the self.

What you know & parts of what you do not yet know is uncovered in this step making it a vital start point to working with me.  

My signature training program '5 Fundamentals of Anti-Oppression' opens the door to growth and knowledge for yourself and your team. We start here and then move toward deeper education, business coaching, workshops and more.

team training

business Program

educators training

We cover the 5 Fundamentals of Anti-Oppression: Listen, Unlearn, Commit, Relearn & Take Action.

This training is designed to connect your entire team through a 2-Part Online Training System that goes deep into racial justice, gender equity and intersectional oppressive systems.

You want results inside your organization?  You need to focus on the long-game to co-create change in your industry and organization.

This is the program to guide you.

An annual program focused on your leadership, communication strategy, brand identity, operating system and workplace culture.


For those called to lead this work.

A 12-WEEK Training Program designed to educate and establish EDI educators and anti-racism/anti-oppression coaches.

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LEARN more

LEARN more


Working with me requires the entire team to gain this knowledge.

This is a non-negotiable. 

This work requires commitment to truly show-up without performative interests.  By training only leadership or frontline workers, we are setting the entire team up for failure by lacking full spectrum support for anti-oppressive measures. 

DOes my entire team need to take the training or can I just focus on a few people?



After everyone on the team has completed the  5 Fundamentals of Anti-Oppression Training.

Applying workshops to a team that doesn't understand or is sitting in resistance to deeper work, lacks longevity and effectiveness. 

It's vital to my work and the commitment to non-performative actions that folx be on the same page with training prior to the topical treatment of workshops.

Can we book nadi for a single workshop?


As a general guideline, this depends on the decision making factors of your organization.   It is recommended to open the conversation and giver yourself at least a month to meet with Nadi, receive the course syllabus, review pricing options, plan your best steps forward and then look at start dates.

I'm looking to train my team in the next Quarter, When is a good time to connect with Nadi and start planning? 


You are so right!  It's vital to gain well-rounded knowledge through a diversity of teaching styles in this work.  Those enrolled in the Anti-Oppression Business Program will work with 5 other industry experts throughout the duration of the program.  

I've heard it's good to work with several consultants to gain alternate perspectives in this work.  does nadi offer more coaches in her programs? 


The first few steps can feel a bit uncertain, but no worries!  Let's have a chat and figure out what makes sense for you and your organization.  Schedule a call and we'll go from there!

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