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This is something I hear often.  The challenge of engaging with the work in authentic ways roots into your own self-work. 

Our first steps are to discover what your values and goals really are for this work.  What matters most to you? What areas of your business need attention and adjustment to support those values and goals? From there we can holistically create a plan for next steps.  It all starts with a conversation - so book a call and lets chat!

I want to to this work but I'm concerned about sounding performative.  How do I get started authentically?


Nope!  Single workshops without any team prep lack effectiveness. WHY? 3 words --> Trust. Resistance. Team Dysfunction.

Single workshops are like throwing spaghetti against a wall. Best case scenario - some of the team level up. Worst case - systemic barriers are uncovered and  you end up rushing around putting out fires. 

The Inclusion with Nadi Method: We begin with a team assessment, connect to the company values and then create a training that meets the needs of your team.  Book a call and let's figure this out together. 

Can we book nadi for a single workshop?


You are so right!  It's vital to gain well-rounded knowledge through diverse teaching perspectives and styles in this work.  I'm not a monolith out here and when a client needs support outside my own areas of expertise - I have a beautiful community of trusted colleagues to bring in and support the work with us. Easy peasy.  

I've heard it's good to work with several consultants to gain alternate perspectives in this work. 

does nadi work with more educators?