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At the heart - my coaching approach helps entrepreneurs, organizations and individuals connect with their humanity and personal goals to operate with zero tolerance for discrimination. 

Together we establish new norms for accountability, new understandings for breaking the silence and new systems for fostering inclusion, equity and belonging.

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Anti-oppression leadership coach & Workplace educator

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"Nadi's training was conducted a safe and open space, which enabled all of us to reflect on our own unconcious biases, as well as explore and discuss strategies to step away from the sidelines (the neutral zone) and be active proponents of anti-racism and anti-discrimination."

- Barry Forward - Leadership Coach


1-1 Business Coaching

DEI Strategy Sessions to define your values, set goals and create an Accountability Blueprint for your business to take action.


work with me

Workplace training

A vital component to workplace practices and healthy company culture. Nadi's team training is 2-part online program designed for impact.


LEadership academy

6 months of unlearning, relearning and establishing systems and practices supported by a cohort of likeminded leaders and individuals.

kind words

dagmar meachem

I'm so glad that I had Nadi there to support me through the process of learning and unlearning so that I can now take action and speak up when I would have done nothing or stayed quiet instead.

Well done Nadi, your training is excellent and your delivery around a difficult topic is just what people need to make positive change, change their attitudes and beliefs and take action! 



leadership & Business coach


Working with Nadi is a holistic process beginning with your honest curiosity to doing the work of anti-racism and anti-discrimination. It is a gentle process - and a deeply connected process - as we pioneer into the framework of this work and face what surfaces along the way.


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