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At the heart - my approach looks through an intersectional lens to help business owners, leaders, and teams establish authentic actions and sustainable inclusive culture. 

Together we determine what matters most by utilizing data informed processes, leadership development, team training, and the creation of policies, practices, and procedures that root habits into the foundation of your organization. 

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Nadi has this energy about them, that I found really affirming and also encouraging. She can blend in humor and realness and also brings us back to the main thread of why and how to do this work.

- Soraia Francisco

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dagmar meachem

I'm so glad that I had Nadi there to support me through the process of learning and unlearning so that I can now take action and speak up when I would have done nothing or stayed quiet instead.

Well done Nadi, your training is excellent and your delivery around a difficult topic is just what people need to make positive change, change their attitudes and beliefs and take action! 



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Working with Nadi is a holistic process beginning with your honest curiosity about doing the authentic work of diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism and anti-oppression. It's a gentle and a deeply connected process as we develop a framework for your business and leadership needs to co-create sustainable change.


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