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If You Want To See The Change

According to the Harvard Business Review: 

“What leaders say and do makes up to a 70% difference as to whether an individual reports feeling included.”

This matters because the more people feel included, the more they speak up, participate, and collaborate — which ultimately boosts overall company performance. Another way to think about leadership and business is that organizations with inclusive leadership are more likely to thrive.

( and that’s just the business case for inclusion )

( my focus is on the human experience )

you need to be the change

The reality of leaders taking responsibility has shifted - drastically.

You're working to modernize your leadership skills and develop inclusive habits and practices.

You're instinctually noticing opportunities to be more inclusive with your leadership.

You're attracting a more diverse team, clients and customers now that you are known as an inclusive and progressive leader. 

You trust yourself to lead people from diverse backgrounds and not cause harm.

picture this

Why Unlearn and Relearn in The Academy?

pro tip: inclusive leadership is the future

The main focus of The Academy is to see yourself through the lens of your leadership habits and actions. 

So you can learn what is necessary to change the way you lead people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

My commitment is to offer my vast knowledge and coaching skills in a curated online course curriculum with peer learning experiences and private coaching alongside ongoing slack and email support. 

Your commitment is choosing to be part of the solution needed in the ever-changing landscape of modern day leadership.

Create Change Through Personal Growth

Personal growth is precisely what it takes for you to be the leader known for creating an inclusive space where people feel they belong. 

It takes seeing the commitment as more than a checkbox by bringing inclusion into the HEART of your operations and your instinctual leadership habits. Being actionable with anti-racist and anti-oppressive leadership includes building your knowledge, capacity and competency to navigate challenges with curiosity, confidence and authentic strategy. 

Anti-oppression leadership academy


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It Takes Willingness To Do Things Differently

inclusive leaders develop three areas...

Strong and intentional leaders have systems and structures in place to support their values and goals.  In order to do this you will develop clarity in these 3 areas:

Self-work + Leadership Style + Accountability Framework = Inclusive Leadership

WHY? Because loose and sporadic efforts aren’t good enough.

Going deeper into your self-work is mandatory to becoming an inclusive leader. The Academy is where you gain the opportunity for self-reflection while unlearning and relearning what is necessary for you to find your voice and build habits for transformative change.

You will learn to combine several leadership styles into your own unique
and dynamic inclusive leadership habits and actions. The goal is to craft
a style around your personality and the community you serve. 

Accountability requires action. Inside The Academy, you'll learn to
bring everything together into long-range goals and planning
and leave the program with a roadmap for your
leadership career and/or business.

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The Academy Is For You IF

You want to do the work but are spooked about being called out as performative.
YES - You need to be agile.

The inclusive initiatives you've tried don't feel like enough (or sustainable).
YES - You need to be creative.

You are unsure what initiatives make the most sense for your leadership and career.
YES - You need support.


I'm nadi

About Me

The uncomfortable truth is that I have been that old school cringe leader.  I did harm.

20 years in the hospitality industry - most of it spent in management - and I had no idea about inclusion so I followed what I thought was needed to succeed.

I competed against other women and perpetuated sexist ideals. I viewed team members through a classist lens. I laughed at racist jokes and comments because I was uncomfortable and didn’t want to bring attention to myself. I regularly acted out of my unconscious biases.

And when I started to see the world through a lens of inclusion. Oh my, did it stings to sit with my thoughts and review my actions.

So I had to heal. To forgive myself.

And then I began to research and learn more about how to change my habits and lead with intentionality so I could carry the work forward.


n e x t 


Anti-Oppression Academy was a transformative experience. It encouraged me to question practices, policies, assumptions, and ways of being that appeared "harmless" to those with privilege, but were in reality, moving us farther away from inclusion and belonging. Nadi's approach is rooted in love, justice, and gentleness - you always feel held, even when you feel overwhelmed or unsure. After completing the Academy, I feel more prepared to serve as a leader within my organization and give my team what they truly need.

Ann Marie Elmayan

I have been leaning into inclusion work in my business for a couple of years and the academy is where everything clicked. I was able to connect the dots between everything I have learned and how I can show up as an ally and a leader. Nadi's ability to take the temperature of the group and adjust the academy flow accordingly is spot on. Nadi is extremely knowledgable and hella cool, so I felt I was able to learn at a deeper level than I have in other programs.

dallas travers

I found the comradery and vulnerability within the academy paired really well with the soul work. I found the cohort experience the most impactful because there was dedicated space, with skilled and insightful facilitation from Nadi, for folks to talk about their work of divesting from oppressive systems however they can. Knowing that I had folks that were dealing with similar struggles and learning from each other made this academy the most transformative learning experience I've had as a professional. 

Soraia Francisco

What's Included

We all have busy schedules and feel pressed for independent learning so this leadership training program was intentionally designed to offer flexibility.  Instead of cramming the teaching into a short time frame - The Academy is extended across 31 weeks with all live sessions being recorded and online curriculum accessible when you’re ready. 

LIVE bi-weekly 90-minute group coaching sessions. 

Self-paced curriculum in bite-sized formatting across 16 modules

Slack channel and unlimited email support

Private 1-1 coaching with Nadi 

Why is The Academy Different?

Authentic and sustainable inclusive leadership is not about being everything to everyone - far from it actually - The Academy uniquely asks the kind of questions that make you pause, ponder, and consider your leadership instincts and habits.

Nadi works with you to get as specific as possible to build confidence and learn to trust yourself as an inclusive individual in your leadership role.

This Is It. That sweet Moment Before The Big Shift

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Yep! The Academy focuses on the value of self-work and will expand your understanding of how oppression exists in business and societal systems. Whether you're a school teacher, non-profit leader, business coach, wellness industry professional or anywhere in between, what you learn here will affect how you interact with your people.

I don't own a business, will the leadership training still benefit me?


All levels of understanding will find comfort here. The online curriculum and our live coaching sessions support those brand new to the work and those who’ve been immersed for years. I coach, consult, educate and lead without shame, blame, guilt or drama and with ample room for questions, clarification and unlimited access to me for additional support.

I'm new to the work of anti-oppression & inclusive leadership- will The Academy be too advanced?


The focus here is on your leadership abilities. After researching other programs and watching the market + industry needs for 4 years, The Academy has been written and refined to sculpt a unique and actionable learning experience for students of the program. Nadi makes learning playful and approachable in ways that do not exhaust students but rather empower them to go deep into their leadership skills development.

What’s different about The Anti-Oppression Academy from other DEI or anti-racism programs?


Solid question! Time goes fast, work gets busy, and life isn’t linear. I get it. If you get behind in the curriculum, know that you have lifetime access to every single part of this program. Over our dedicated 31 weeks, I’ll guide you through the work and keep you updated on what is being discussed. If you get behind, just jump back in and take it where you left it. I’m here to support the work, so reach out anytime you need me.

What happens if I get behind on the curriculum?


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