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a little about me 

Hi, I’m Nadi! My pronouns are she/her/they/them.

I’m a single mama of 2 magical teens, one is transgender with ADHD and the other is non-binary and autistic. I’m also dyslexic and ADHD which helps me understand the internal and external neurodiverse experience.

I’ve lived in the mountains for all my adult life, choosing several mountain communities before resting on the west coast of Canada. There’s just something about walking the trails with the very real threat of an actual bear around the corner that makes everyday a little more interesting.  

My big WHY in this work really settled in how I know as a young leader - I lacked inclusive habits. I really believed all the 'business-first people-second hype' and as a result - I did harm. I know it.

With two decades of business operations management, I shifted my career to study diversity, equity and inclusions through an intersectional and anti-racist, anti-oppressive lens.

My commitment is to the co-creation of belonging in the workplace.  Now, I work to help others business leaders find their way through my consulting agency Inclusion with Nadi.

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why work with nadi?

Nadi Fantastic works with business owners and team leaders to co-create inclusive culture and operations.

With a 25+ year career in business development, operations management and a deep understanding of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging, Nadi supports progressive efforts that root into authentic actions.  

There is no cookie-cutter way to do inclusion work, Nadi’s approach is to first help people identify their knowledge gaps and create sustainable systems so they can build a solid and honest foundation in their business. 

As a single mother for the past 15 years, her motherhood role supports 2 teenagers. One is a non-binary person with autism and the other is a transgender young man with severe ADHD. As a person with dyslexia, Nadi brings a clear understanding of neuro-diversity to her work alongside lifetime experience with being a woman of color.

P R E V I O U S 

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Fun Facts

Get to know me!

fun fact # 1

I'm a single mama.

Some might think this is not a "fun" fact but lemme tell ya, it takes a certain kind of MAGIC to raise 1 transgender son and 1 autistic daughter into self-loving, genuine and confident beings - choosing to keep it light and have FUN is a HUGE part of my parental success story.


I've been an activist most of my life.

25 years ago I stood at the front-lines of protests I'd helped organize to defend Indigenous lands.  The fight for human rights hits me right in the feels and I will never stop working for justice.


I'm SUPER creative and have never met an art project that I couldn't spin into my own version of delight.  I used to own a kids art studio too!  Current projects are mostly crochet or knit tapestries, clothing and cute amigurumi - crochet figures. 


My dog breed of choice is Rottweiler. 

Strong breed dogs match my personality with that 'take no shit but do no harm' attitude. Rotties are softies but will protect their people as needed. Those who know them LOVE them, those who don't are scared of them.

Let's Do This

Working with Nadi is a holistic process beginning with your honest curiosity about doing the authentic work of diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism and anti-oppression. It's a gentle and a deeply connected process as we develop a framework for your business and leadership needs to co-create sustainable change.


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