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My Top 9 Actions for Anti-Racism in Business is here!  Grab your free business audit below.

Unsure what your next steps are?

Is your business anti-racist?

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What is an anti-racist
business model?

An anti-racist business model is a progressive framework specific to your values + goals around leading an anti-racist and anti-oppressive organization.  Looking at communication strategies, marketing plans, daily operations, team management, supplier diversity, brand identity and more, this coaching will support you and your team.

Not sure exactly what your values + goals are? 
Unsure what efforts will make the impact you seek?
Worried about coming across as performative?

No worries - that's precisely the work you'll discover while working through this coaching framework.


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Over the next year...

You’ve taken NON-PERFORMATIVE ACTIONS that feel right for your business

Your brand has become known as an inclusive and anti-racist business to work with.

You’ve unlearned + relearned consistently and overcome hidden biases and challenges.

You feel empowered to encourage others in your network to address their anti-racist values. 

picture this 

doing nothing + silence perpetuates the problem

You are the leader that chooses to unlearn and relearn.

The work of becoming an anti-racist business is uncomfortable.  You know this.  There are challenges.  You will mess up at some point. The wrong things may be said. You could be 'called-in' to a bigger conversation that expands your knowledge and understanding of someone's lived experience.  This is THE WORK.

And remaining silent...
 just doesn't feel right anymore, does it?



I want to understand you and your business so that I can best support you right now. So, before we step into group coaching, we begin with an assessment process giving you the opportunity to discover your values and share those insights with me.  Think of it like a mini-course. I supply the curriculum for your deeper learning which becomes the foundation of your anti-racism efforts. From there we get to work inside the group!

monthly GROUP coaching

Business assessment
1-1 coaching with Nadi
Values + Goals curriculum
1 x 90 minutes coaching/month
bonus workshops
guest speakers
slack channel support
unlimited copy, website, email, offer, sales, marketing reviews
space to share, listen, be in-community and get feedback

$350 USD/month
3 month commitment to begin


Is coaching right for you?


This is for you if you want to...

Get started or get organized in your anti-racist business efforts and learn more ways to implement anti-racist values into your business

Empower your team and community to step deeper into the work with you.

Identify your unconscious biases, understand anti-racist fundamentals and build a solid foundation for deeper work. 


I'm nadi

About Me

Hi, I’m Nadi! My pronouns are she/her/they/them.

I’m a single mama of 2 magical teens, one is transgender with ADHD and the other is non-binary and autistic. I’m also dyslexic and ADHD which makes me completely understand the internal and external experience of the neurodiverse world.

My dog breed of choice is Rottweiler and I am proud doggo-mama to Lilo + Karma.  

I’ve lived in the mountains for all my adult life, choosing several mountain communities before resting on the west coast of Canada. There’s just something about walking the trails with the very real threat of a bear around the corner that makes everyday more interesting. (Lol - I kidding - but also - for reals)

My big WHY in this work really settled in how I know as a young leader - I lacked inclusive habits. I really believed all the business-first people-second hype and was absolutely not inclusive. I did harm. I know it.

So after a two decades of operations management & communication leadership, I shifted my career to study anti-racism, anti-oppression, inclusion and belonging in the workplace. Now, I work to help others find their way.


n e x t 


Working with Nadi brought so much clarity to not just my business but my own personal journey in diversity, equity and inclusion.  She is incredibly creative in ways to implement appropriate next steps for my business as well as powerfully knowledgeable in how oppression exists in our society.  I highly recommend taking the coaching here!  You won't regret it!

Jenna Becker - Life Coach

I came into working with Nadi already well informed in anti-racism although not entirely sure how to shift my company into the values that I live by.  Nadi helped me slow down and tune into my WHY so I could see what was needed to shift my brand and team into alignment.  I now have my Accountability Blueprint to guide us and stay true to the Diversity + Inclusion Statements I wrote with the help of Nadi's DEI Strategy Sessions!  Thanks NadI!  We will definitely be working together again!

SAndra Wilson - non-profit sector

I am so grateful for these coaching sessions. Coming from a background of very little diversity, I knew I wanted to shape my business to be more inclusive but I really had no idea how to begin.  Nadi showed me how to find the answers in myself and then helped me put strategies into place that reflected my goals.  I've shifted my company mission and incorporated ongoing learning for my team which is helping us all walk the talk with authenticity. I feel more confident and prepared to speak up and am inspired to keep doing what I can to create change. Thank you , Nadi. This was exactly what I didn't know I needed. 

Rebecca Sanford - Owner, Fiesty Cafe

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I believe the work of creating inclusive communities lives in how we run our businesses and support our clients, customers and team. Let's transform your efforts through intentional and strategic discovery and planning.